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I'm Naomi Elbinger

Co-Author of Yedidya

Urban Farmer in Israel

Digital Marketing Entrepreneur

Mentor to Entrepreneurs, Writers and Creative Doers

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Thanks for stopping by. So, tell me about yourself...

Hold on!

This is the space where I, Naomi, am suppose to tell you, the website visitor, about myself and my accomplishments.

Oh dear. This is awkward, because I’d love to hear about you. Maybe I can help you out with something…

Get on with it, Naomi! Don’t you know that people have short attention spans these days? It’s already the fourth paragraph! They’ve probably gotten bored by now and dashed off to cook Shabbos.

In that case, if you’re still reading this (paragraph 5), then we’re basically the Internet equivelent of old friends. It would be rude of me not to share a little about what’s been going on in my world. 

So here goes…

[deep breath]

I was raised in Sydney, Australia, and now live in Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel, with my husband and our children.

One thing about the soul G-d planted in me is that seems to be frenetically creative, goal-oriented and energetic, while somehow at the same time down-to-earth, chilled and contemplative. 

This creates an interesting common dynamic with people who know my work, who are generally surprised when they meet me one-on-one for the first time.

They can’t believe that I am the same Naomi Elbinger who:

  • wrote the Torah novel Yedidya, which has been published in 3 launcgues and attracted huge acclaim from readers around the world
  • writes and speaks widely about her adventures as an urban farmer and environmental activist, featured in Ami, Hamodia and Mishpacha (definitely the only person to have their backyard on a Mishpacha cover – twice)
  • CEO of a successful tech business for over 10 years 
  • prominent activist on behalf of Jewish entrepreneurs, including as one of the founders of the Temech Conference for Women in Business, an annual event that attracts 1,000+ entrepreneurs
  • public speaker known for a her inspiring, sincere, high-energy, practical and hilarious presentations
  • advisor to thousands of small business owners via my business blog and columns and one-on-one mentor to enterprising women around the world
  • and many other adventures besides

To be honest, I also can’t believe that I am the same person who does all that. 

So enough of trying to solve the conundrum of how and why. Rabbi Dr. Avraham Yehoshua Twerski wrote that what we’ve done doesn’t count nearly as much as what remains for us to do, with whatever strength and inspiration Hashem blesses us with. 

So, the real question this bio should answer is not what I’ve done but rather: 

What will I do next?

And will you be joining me for the ride? 

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